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Get more fit, more focused, and more confident. Visit JMAC today to watch a class and learn how easy it is to get started!

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This is your chance to join a group of dedicated martial artists focused on real personal change! Embark on your spiritual journey ... stop in to watch a class today!



We're happy to answer your questions or help you get started. If you're looking for a serious, abundant place to learn martial arts, JMAC is your first choice!

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World class training in Ann Arbor? You can find it at JMAC. Call or email today to find out how easy it is to get started.

Safe, systematic instruction for beginners!


If you're a beginner or never studied martial arts, we'll help you get started safely. Free intro lessons and systematic training for new students.

Martial Arts for Women in Ann Arbor


Women make great martial artists! There's no macho posturing or dirty locker rooms at JMAC. Call or stop in today to learn how to get started!

The JMAC Approach


At JMAC, you'll learn how to harness your energy and improve your focus ... for great results! Learn better focus and how to be more effective throughout your life.



Are you looking for "cheap"? We're not for you. But if you're looking for "serious," "passionate," or "world-class," then call JMAC today!


Are you driven? Do you seek the deepest, the brightest, the most profound? Prove yourself first, then ask about our ultimate insider program.

Frequently Asked Questions


Get answers to some of the most common questions asked about martial arts training. Trying to decide if martial arts training is right for you? We're happy to help answer your questions!



JMAC is conveniently located just off I-94 on South State at 2875 Boardwalk, Suite H, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 . Ample free parking and an abundance of expert knowledge to help you improve!



Plenty of evening & weekend classes make it easy for you get in to train. Check out our schedule, come in to watch. Arrange for your free intro lessons!

Code of Conduct


To be great, you must have great determination and high standards. Here are the expectations at JMAC - the mindset it takes to truly realize your potential.

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You're more than a name here at JMAC - you're a candidate for greatness. Visit us to learn more, or to watch a class, and we'll explain what it takes to get started. No risk, no obligation.



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You might be surprised how often people mis-spell words in the martial arts. We've provided this list of misspellings to help you get to the right place when you're after a martial arts concept or simply want more information.

Why Train in Martial Arts?


There are many great reasons to train in martial arts. Find yours at the Japanese Martial Arts Center!

The Exceptional Martial Artist


Do you have a calling to become exceptional? Ready for hard work? Learn how to become an exceptional martial artist in one of our special events.

JMAC Calendar


Not everybody has what it takes to become exceptional in the martial arts, but if you want to give yourself the best chance, stop in to watch a class at JMAC today!

JMAC's Mission


JMAC's mission is to inspire powerful personal change through Japanese Budo

The JMAC18


18-minute bootcamp workout at JMAC to get you fit, healthy and energized for your day!

JMAC Annex Rentals


Have your own athletic space when you rent the JMAC Annex!

Breaking Down the Belt System in Karate: Progression and Meaning


Each belt color in Karate carries significance, reflecting the journey of a practitioner as they advance through the ranks. Your dojo may use a different color system, but here’s a widely used progression that you’ll see in many places.

Rear Naked Choke | Hadaka-jime


This no gi technique is an intersection between a traditional Japanese choke and popular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission.

Triangle Choke | Sankaku-jime


This classic no gi technique is an intersection between a traditional Japanese choke and popular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission.

Front Arm Triangle | Mae-hadaka-jime


This no gi technique is an intersection between a traditional Japanese choke and popular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission. It is used in MMA, wrestling, and many other martial arts.

Ezekiel Choke | Sode-guruma-jime


This gi choke looks like a wheel. It is usually done on the trachea.

Single Wing Choke | Kata-ha-jime


In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this is referred to as the "side-mounted stranglehold".

Sliding Collar Choke | Okuri-eri-jime


This choke is ubiquituous in every grappling sport that involves a gi.

Gyaku-juji-jime | Reverse Cross Lock


Gyaku-juji-jime is one of the easiest chokes to use on the ground, but hard to learn.

Kata-juji-jime | Front Lapel Stranglehold


This choke is in the same family as gyaku-juji-jime. It is also a choke that both novice and advanced ground players need to know.

Jigoku-jime | Hell Strangle


This is the Hell Choke, or Crucifix. If you can get this choke, it's a great way to immobolize an opponent on the ground.

I Am JMAC: Dalton


“Dalton's experience with karate at JMAC has been nothing but positive,” says Dalton’s mother Carrie. “I believe Dalton was born confident. However, his training in martial arts has helped him become even more courageous and self-assured.”

I AM JMAC: Catharina


“It's so worth it! It might seem a little scary at the beginning and it’s okay to be unsure, but starting a martial art is one of the best decisions I ever made.”

I Am JMAC: John Gage Sensei


For some people martial arts training is a hobby. It’s a pursuit that they chip away at. For other people it’s a lifetime passion engrained in their character and way of life.

I Am JMAC: Adrian & Christian


Adrian and Christian are terrific examples of how our kids martial arts in Ann Arbor program can help kids in all areas of their lives!

I AM JMAC: Toni Stumpo


The one thing that’s always true about martial arts training is that it can be a uniquely humbling experience.

I AM JMAC: Dan Holland Sensei


"I really didn't know I wanted to be an instructor until I became one! I love being an instructor, but I never actively sought out to become one."

I AM JMAC: Melissa


“When I started judo, I couldn’t pick anyone up to throw them in Seoi Nage, and now I can.” She continues, “I’m a little person. I could see that my brother could do it and I wanted to do it too – there’s definitely some sibling rivalry!

I AM JMAC: Matthew


“Karate is fun to do and learn, but you can’t mess around all the time” he says, smiling. “We work on stuff, but also have fun. There’s a lot of time where you have to be serious about what you’re learning."



“I didn’t know very much about iaido at the beginning and found it interesting in so many different ways, including philosophically and the exactitude of it."

I AM JMAC: Andrew


There was a clear distinction in my happiness when I was training and when I wasn’t.” He smiles, “Yes, martial arts will make you happier.”

I AM JMAC: Haruka


“When I’m at kids karate class, it benefits me to watch not just what the teacher is doing, but how the teacher is teaching other students. "

I AM JMAC: Andy, "Bossory"


"I did the intro classes, picked it up, and kept going. One of the things that is really cool here is the authentic budo experience. The mutual welfare and respect really shows here. All the things that make a good place to train hold true here - Your willingness to help your partners, betterment of them, yourself, the dojo, and the level of the instruction is incredible."

I AM JMAC: Amber


“It’s a whole lot of stepping out of my comfort zone and I’ve been pleased with the outcomes every single time. I’ve not been disappointed here, not once.”

I AM JMAC: Nicklaus Suino Sensei, Director


We officially opened JMAC in June of 2006. From the beginning we were embraced by the community. We've lived in three locations. In 2018, we will celebrate twelve years of exceptional training in traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

Jujutsu Kenshukai at JMAC


Raise your Nihon Jujutsu game by focusing in on a few key aspects in this intensive training session!

Iaido Training Camp 2023


Want to learn iaido? Go deep on sword handling, skillful movement, breathing, tactics and philosophy with Nicklaus Suino-Sensei, four time All Tokyo Iaido Champion!



Looking for world-class instruction in martial arts? At JMAC, our credentials are second-to-none, our passion for martial arts is boundless. We want to help you on your path to success!

Nicklaus Suino Sensei


Suino-Sensei is one of the most highly-credentialed martial artists in the world, whose instruction is sought out by martial artists everywhere. Join JMAC and get first hand instruction from one of the greats!

John Gage Sensei


Leader of the Nihon Jujutsu system founded by Sato Shizuya. Head of the American Embassy Judo Club in Tokyo. Advisor to JMAC. John Gage Sensei.

Daniel Holland Sensei


Holland-Sensei is one of the most upbeat, yet profound martial artists to be found anywhere. Your viewpoint of martial arts will never be the same!

Martial Arts For Kids


Your child can learn focus, get fit, and develop self confidence at JMAC. Safe, highly effective training. Call us to arrange a visit today!

Have You Considered Kids Judo as a Way to Help Your Child Thrive?


Judo means “the way of adaptability.” Kids learn throws, takedowns and pins. As they stick with judo, their balance gets better, they get calmer, and they get more comfortable with movement.

Little Dragons: The FUNdamentals of Martial Arts


From age 5-7, kids attend our “Little Dragons” class. We work on the FUNdamentals of judo and karate (stances, punches, falling safely) while recognizing that our smallest students have to enjoy, engage, and connect with what they’re doing..

Set Your Child Up for Success with Kids Karate!


One thing we’ve learned … karate can be transformative for young bodies and minds. But too much emphasis on stern discipline and hard-core training can take the fun out of it for kids. If you could stop in and watch a kids karate class, you’d see how we balance fun for the students with learning and teaching. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s hidden inside games or activities.

How to Stay Motivated in Your Martial Arts Training


Rekindle your motivation for martial arts in Ann Arbor with our team!

How to Deal with Competition Anxiety


Competition anxiety is a common obstacle that many karate practitioners face, but it doesn't have to hinder your performance.

Kicking into Fitness: Get Fit with Karate


If you're looking for a fun and empowering way to stay fit, consider kicking into fitness with Karate in Ann Arbor at JMAC!

Character Development Curriculum Through Martial Arts


Beyond the physical techniques, martial arts are a powerful tool for kids and teens, laying the foundation for crucial life skills beyond the dojo. Here’s how:

Beyond Delusion: Building Authentic Confidence with Martial Arts


Knowing you have the ability to protect yourself in real-life situations is an integral layer to building self-confidence.

Classical vs. Modern Martial Arts: A Journey of Tradition, Honor, and Loyalty


Whether you choose to follow the path of classical or martial arts in Ann Arbor, the journey is one of discipline, self-improvement, and an appreciation for the rich history of combat.

How Martial Arts Fosters Conflict Resolution Skills


Everyone runs into conflict at some point. The best way to prevent or resolve it is to be prepared!

How Martial Arts Can Increase Confidence in Kids and Teens


Think kids martial arts in Ann Arbor would be a good fit for your child? Contact JMAC today!

Why Attend Martial Arts Events Outside of Regular Practice?


Choose to practice martial arts in Ann Arbor at JMAC to join a supportive community.

The History of Striking Arts


Does striking sound fun to you? Start studying karate in Ann Arbor at JMAC!

The Different Paths Martial Artists Can Take


At JMAC, we thrive together! We’re a thriving dojo that aims to create a safe, respectful, and encouraging space for all.

What is Kiai and its Purpose?


A kiai shout is a quick release of energy that comes from the stomach, not the throat.

Why Athletes Should Train in Martial Arts


Athletes from nearly all sports can benefit from martial arts training.

Inspirational Stories of Women in Martial Arts


Looking for inspiration in the world of martial arts for women? Learn more about female martial artists!

Japanese Sword Fighting Arts


When you learn iaido in Ann Arbor, you’ll learn more than how to handle a katana!

Weapons in Martial Arts


You can practice martial arts with weapons by studying iaido at JMAC.

A Brief History of Grappling Arts


Grappling is a concept in combat sports that consist of grabbing and manipulating the opponent.

Intro to Ukemi: Basic Martial Arts Falls


The art of falling in martial arts is called ukemi and there are many types of falls.

The History of the Gi


The Judogi, or Gi, is the first modern martial arts uniform.

Why Older People Should Study Martial Arts


When you think of martial arts, you may imagine a dojo full of men in their 20s-30s. This isn’t the case!

How to be a Great Training Partner


Learn more about being a great training partner through martial arts in Ann Arbor!

What Are Internal and External Martial Arts?


One way categorize martial arts is to distinguish between internal and external, or hard and soft styles.

What Makes a Great Practice Sword?


Anyone can practice iaido! It may seem intimidating, but at JMAC, we adapt to the pace of our students.

How the Ranking System Works


Practicing martial arts in Ann Arbor has many non-physical benefits.

The 3 Sections of Karate Training


Everything you’ll learn in karate can be sorted into three categories: kihon, kata, and kumite.

What to Expect When Beginning Martial Arts in Ann Arbor


Starting something new can make you feel uncertain and intimidated. This might be the case for new martial artists.

Seisan Kata’s Purpose, Practice, and History


Seisan kata is a type of kata with its own distinct movements and is one of the oldest kata that is still taught today.

What is Nihon Jujitsu?


Jujitsu is a great method of self-defense because it doesn’t focus on strength, rather it attacks the already weak points of your attacker.

Martial Arts and Self Defense


Judo and jujutsu can teach you applicable principles of self defense.

Cool Judo Throws for Kids!


Judo can help your child build strength and confidence in a fun and supportive setting.

What Makes a Good Karate School?


Selecting the right karate school is one of the most important steps in your martial arts journey.

What are the Benefits of Kids Martial Arts?


Martial arts is much more than just fighting! It’s an activity that engages the mind, body, and spirit and aides in self-development.

The Differences Between Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Despite having a similar name, jujutsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are two different fighting styles with their own origins, moves, and purposes.

Improve Your Focus and Control with Iaido


Iaido has no age limit. It’s good for people who want to train their body at their own pace or grow in a personal, non-competitive way.

Traditional Judo is a Path for Life and Wellness


"Judo falling saved my life! Recently I was hiking and the trail crumbled beneath me. I fell approximately 30 ft straight down, but I landed with proper form. The doctors were amazed that I wasn't more injured. I really believe that it was my proper falling technique that saved me."

The Benefits of Traditional Karate


Karate at JMAC allows students to exercise body and mind outside their homes, in a supportive community, while maintaining pandemic precautions.

Train Directly with Shimizu Sensei in Tokyo!


Take your Goju-Ryu Karate to another level with Zoom lessons directly with Shimizu-Sensei in Tokyo!

What Makes the JMAC18 a Great Bootcamp Workout?


The JMAC18 bootcamp workout is made up of intense interval training, great for people who like variety, like to challenge themselves, and are short on time. Each class includes a variety of exercises to build strength, endurance, and agility. JMAC18 focuses on intensity and variety over duration. JMAC offers martial arts training and self-defense in Ann Arbor. Providing Ann Arbor and the Southeast Michigan area with classes for all ages and sizes for over 14 years!

Staying the Course for the Greater Good


As we move into the next phase of the COVID pandemic, JMAC remains committed to the safety and health of our students.

Ready for a Workout but Worried About COVID? Karate at JMAC is a Smart Option!


Karate is uniquely suited for the kinds of changes required by the Safe Start orders. That’s because martial arts aren’t just about fighting. Martial arts are also a tool for building character and facing everyday challenges.

Self-Improvement and Self-Defense in Ann Arbor


Self-defense classes offer many benefits on the road to self-improvement including muscle toning and strengthening, improved balance, and an effective cardiovascular workout.

Transformation, Concentration, Strength: The Advantages of Martial Arts Training for Women


Many women who take on the challenges of martial arts get started to add variety to their exercise routine. Another common reason is to build self-defense skills.

Keep Fit and Healthy at Home | Jujitsu Ann Arbor


In addition to its many health benefits, exercise is also great for your mental health. Everyone knows this, but it’s easy to let this slip! Keep reading for some great information on staying motivated and healthy (spoiler alert—it might include some Jujitsu with Ann Arbor’s best online instructors!)

Getting the Most Out of Your At-Home Workout and Bootcamp Exercises (Ann Arbor)


Whether it’s practicing martial arts at home, or our virtual bootcamp exercises, JMAC has the resources to leave quarantine stronger than ever!

Adapting to COVID-19 with New Online Bootcamp Workout in Ann Arbor


Leading the way among many local gyms and martial arts facilities, JMAC has begun offering classes online, including what we think is the best bootcamp workout in Ann Arbor!

Karate – A Fascinating World of Styles and Techniques


It’s generally accepted that the four main styles of karate are Goju-ryu, Shotokan, Wado-ryu and Shito-ryu. There are also many less prominent styles, including Chito-ryu, Isshin-ryu, Kyokushin, Shorin-ryu and Uechi-Ryu.

Innovate or Stagnate!


Blind adherence to ancient systems will work for some supremely talented people, but it will get you only a limited amount of success and that success will take a long, long time to achieve.

Japanese Jujutsu Classes in Ann Arbor


If you’re looking for Japanese jujutsu in Ann Arbor, JMAC is your top choice. Suino-Sensei started JMAC in 2006 with the help of a handful of investors. The dojo quickly became a place for serious but joyful martial arts training.

Fitness Makes the Difference!


Humans were made to move. We explore our world as infants, and that’s what helps connect our eyes to our brains, our hands to our eyes, and our minds to our bodies. It turns out that just because you’re not an infant anymore, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to explore and move.

Want to ENSURE Success for Your Kids?


After over 50 years in the martial arts, I’ve sorted out the key differences that help young adults make the jump to independence and success.

Boot Camp Workout at JMAC


"Would an 18-minute morning boot camp be more your style? There’s a lot of science to show that intensity is more important that duration when you’re trying to get benefits like aerobic fitness, weight loss, and muscle building."

The JMAC18 Morning Bootcamp


Do one-hour workouts take up too much time? I struggled with the same problem. I love the way I feel after a quick morning workout, but going to a full-scale morning boot camp just didn’t work for me.

Want To Learn Self-Defense? Visit the Dojo!


There are a lot of self-defense classes out there. Most of them do offer some good advice and procedures to avoid confrontation. Not all of them train the body as well as the mind.

Women’s Martial Arts in Ann Arbor at Japanese Martial Arts Center


Looking for women martial arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan? For thirteen years JMAC has proudly trained men and women in martial arts and self-defense techniques.

JMAC Celebrates 13 Years of Martial Arts Training in Ann Arbor!


For 13 years, Japanese Martial Arts Center has trained students in the martial arts in Ann Arbor, Mi. Learn about Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, and Iaido

The Fun and Excitement of Kids Judo in Ann Arbor


The Kids Judo in Ann Arbor program at JMAC may be exactly what you’re looking for. Numerous studies have shown how important it is for children to get out and play. Engaging in physical activities is critical for brain and body development.

4 Benefits of a Kids Karate Program


Finding the right martial arts program for your child is important. You want them to find an environment that’s encouraging but also offers an appropriate level of difficulty and discipline.

Iaido Strength and Fitness Drills


Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship) is an incredible martial art that combines strength, balance and mental discipline while you study cutting and strikes with a bokken or sword.

Jujutsu - Perfect Self Defense for Women & Men


There are many self-defense systems that have been cobbled together from various martial arts styles.

Japanese Martial Arts – Men and Women Fitness in Ann Arbor


Choosing the right martial art style and the right dojo can be overwhelming. You can simplify it by asking three questions: Is it safe? Is it systematic? Is it supportive?

Practice for life! Origins of Nihon Jujutsu


Choosing the right martial art style and the right dojo can be overwhelming. You can simplify it by asking three questions: Is it safe? Is it systematic? Is it supportive?

Tomiki Aikido Foundations Right Here in Ann Arbor


To fully understand the common skillsets shared by judo, jujutsu, aikido, look no further than their evolution from their common ancestor - ancient jujitsu.

Ju Nana Hon (Basic 17 Techniques) Randori no Kata Ann Arbor Aikido Seminar


Fortunately for us, Tomiki Sensei created Randori no Kata, a framework of 17 techniques (waza) that are deemed appropriate for randori (free form practice).  Join us at JMAC in Ann Arbor on March 16, 17 & 18, 2018, to explore the integration of Aikido, Judo, & Jujutsu with Satoh Tadayuki Sensei.

Ann Arbor Aikido Seminar with Satoh Tadayuki-Sensei


The struggle is real.  Many martial artists find it difficult to move beyond basic techniques into free form practice. They wonder how others manage to “flip the switch” to safe, effective high-level randori, or free practice.Join us at JMAC in Ann Arbor on March 16, 17 & 18, 2018, to explore the integration of Aikido, Judo, & Jujutsu with Satoh Tadayuki Sensei.

The Mind is Upright


It is said that the sword is like the mind, and if the sword is upright, the mind is upright.

Martial Arts Training in the Land of the Living


Train with those that are not small in character, technique, and aspirations. Consider your dojo carefully.

Martial Arts and the Magic of Persistance


Sometimes just sticking with a thing is enough to separate yourself from the crowd.

Get Inspired Again in Martial Arts | Ann Arbor


Do you remember what got you excited about martial arts in the first place?

Visualize During Your Martial Arts Classes


Don't immediately do. Visualize yourself doing the martial arts.

Finding a Martial Arts Role Model


Find a great role model for your martial arts instruction.

It's About the Martial Arts Training, Not the Rank


Exceptional martial artists know that the momentary joy of getting a new belt or certificate fades. Don’t go for that.

Real World Personal Defense Courses


Want to learn real world self defense without hype in a clean professional environment?

Commonly Asked Questions on Self-Defense (Ann Arbor, MI)


Is Judo effective? Is Nihon Jujutsu effective? Who would benefit from taking martial arts?

Interview with Highest Ranking Jujutsu Martial Artist | Trends Between European and Japanese Martial Arts


John Gage Sensei is teaching at an international seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark. He offers some quick words on trends between Japanese and European martial arts.

Badass Chokeholds | Intersections Between Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Ann Arbor)


These chokeholds and strangles are in the arsenal of every good ground fighter. Pump up your game and add these babies to your repertoire! These nine chokes are originally Judo chokes, but have been adapted in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Ann Arbor).

The Age Martial Art Masters Started Training


From Toshihiko Koga to Bruce Lee, this list covers the ages these masters started training.

How to Stay Relaxed During Judo and Jiu Jitsu (Ann Arbor)


These techniques can optimize your standing work and groundwork for Judo and Jiu Jitsu (Ann Arbor, MI).

Ann Arbor | Jiu Jitsu, Nihon Jujutsu & Judo Words You Want to Know


柔道 means "gentle way". Judo is a self-defense, combat, and Olympic martial art. It was founded in 1882 by Jigoro Kano. The purpose of Judo is manifest in the mottoes Kano came up with: "Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort" and "Mutual Welfare and Benefit".

Ann Arbor | Karate Words You Want to Know


These Japanese words are commonly used during our Ann Arbor Karate classes.

Ann Arbor | Martial Arts Etiquette


The purpose of etiquette in our Ann Arbor martial arts dojo ensures the safety of those training and enhances the quality of training.

Ann Arbor | Martial Arts Words You Want to Know


These Japanese words are commonly spoken at the dojo. Not only do they carry a deep historical significance, but enhance the overall quality of the Ann Arbor martial arts dojo experience!

What's the Difference Between Nihon Jujutsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?


There are differences and similiarites that distinguish the two martial arts. These differences can be found in the spelling, history, and techniques.

Japanese Martial Art Highlights for 2014: The Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre


These are the highlights in Japanese Martial Arts, from the best to the craziest fights!

Stress Relieving Martial Artist Quotes from Judo to Jiu Jitsu (Ann Arbor, MI)


From famous MMA stars to Jiu Jitsu practitioners, here are some quips that should lighten the load on your shoulders.

The Connection Between the Founder of Judo and an Ann Arbor Martial Arts Dojo


Learn how the Japanese Martial Arts Center has a legacy that decends from Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo.

How to Prevent Choking Under Pressure | Psychology & Martial Arts (Ann Arbor, MI)


Psychology tips to help students at our martial arts, Ann Arbor-based dojo, perform their very best when under pressure.

Martial Arts Fitness | How Martial Artists Around the World Eat


From Shaolin Monks to MMA stars, learn how martial artists around the world eat to gain optimal speed, strength, and agility. This is the basis of martial arts fitness!

Smarter, Happier, Healthier Kids! The Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in a Martial Arts Class (Ann Arbor)


Science-based reasons on why enrolling your child gives him or her a head start with her academics and future endeavors!

Judo Fitness (Ann Arbor) - Combination Series 1


Dana Jackson shows judo combinations at our Ann Arbor martial arts dojo.

Ann Arbor Jujutsu Practitioner Combines Martial Arts and Leadership Research | Andrea Derler


Interview with PhD candidate and Nihon Jujutsu black belt, Andrea Derler, leads to intriguing insights on martial arts and the business world!

Martial Arts Fitness in Ann Arbor | Fitness for People Over 50


Learn how martial arts can help you achieve your fitness goals. Find the best martial arts fitness programs at the Japanese Martial Arts Center today!

What is a Tenugui?


Discover the history, usage, and meaning behind the beautiful Japanese tenugui.

Happy Children’s Day! (Reasons Why We Love Our Ann Arbor Kids Karate and Judo Students)


Interested in learning more about kids martial arts programs? Feel free to email or call us, or stop by JMAC today! You can watch with no obligation and intro lessons are free!

The Odds of Earning a Black Belt in a Martial Arts Class (Ann Arbor)


Learn the actual value and merit of your belt if you study in a martial arts class, Ann Arbor, MI

Martial Arts Ann Arbor


Learn how to navigate martial arts Ann Arbor has to offer. Investigate fun and exciting opportunities from world-class ranked instructors.

Ann Arbor Martial Arts


Interested in learning more about martial arts? Feel free to email or call us, or stop by JMAC today! You can watch with no obligation and intro lessons are free!

Dexter, Michigan Martial Arts Training


I have attended JMAC since 2009, and have yet to find a school of its caliber. Its instructors are top-notch with lineages that trace straight from the founders of some of the traditional Japanese martial arts. I can also safely consider this place to be a second-home. The people that train here are fantastic. The place is safe. The material is challenging. It's an honor to train here.

Chelsea, Michigan Martial Arts Training


My son wanted to learn Iaido this year. We did not know anything about it. His grandpa was a paratrooper and a green beret and encouraged him to learn martial arts and particularly jujutsu. JMAC is a true Japanese dojo. We did not know what good exercise one gets with Iaido. It' fantastic. Most students are serious adults and the environment is really not bad at all for our teenager. We're looking forward to many years of Iaido and hope our son will decide to also add another martial art.

Pinckney, Michigan Martial Arts Training


JMAC is the best traditional martial arts school I have come across in 40 years of martial arts training. Sensei Suino and his instructors manage to harmonize eastern formality and discipline with a western sensibility that stresses the fulfillment of individual potential. It is a privilege to be part of such an outstanding organization.

Martial Arts Training for University of Michigan Students


JMAC is an amazing place for training in martial arts. I have trained at JMAC since 2006. The people and environment encourage learning and development, both in the martial arts and at a personal level. The instructors are experts in their arts, and are very proficient at teaching. The students are friendly and positive to work with, and everyone helps each other to learn and excel. My wife and son also train at JMAC, and we can't imagine going anywhere else.

Self-defense for Eastern Michigan University Students


This place is wonderful for women who want to learn martial arts. JMAC does an incredible job of balancing the traditional Japanese martial arts experience with cutting edge science and an approach that suits all types of motivated people. I've trained at JMAC and with Suino-Sensei, Holland-Sensei, and Morris-Sensei and at ITAMA in Lansing. The experience was challenging but exciting, and I not only learned self-defense, but also got fit and learned a lot of skills that I could apply throughout my life. JMAC gets my highest recommendation!

Martial Arts Training For Washtenaw Community College Students


JMAC is a unique place to train with a great combination of dedicated, expert instructors and committed students. The kids' classes are a perfect mix of fun and serious training at an age-appropriate level. The adult classes are full of serious students always willing to help the others in the dojo get better. The high level of expert instruction cannot be overstated!

Looking for Kids Karate Near Saline?


JMAC is well known for outstanding kids karate in the Ann Arbor area. Karate is a fun way for kids to get physically fit at a young age.

Opportunities for Self-Defense for Women Near Canton!


Self-defense for women is a great first step to gain confidence in the dojo. Nihon Jujutsu (Japanese self-defense) allows beginners to learn basic fighting moves and to get into the right mindset for personal improvement and empowerment.

Martial Arts Classes In Self-Defense Near Howell, MI


Looking for self-defense classes near Howel, MI? Japanese Martial Arts Center trains in traditional martial arts Iaido, Nihon Jujutsu, Judo, and Karate for students of all ages.

Brighton, Michigan Martial Arts Training


If you’re looking for life-changing martial arts training in Brighton, Michigan, look no further than JMAC.

Manchester, Michigan Martial Arts Training


To learn more about joining our classes for martial arts training in Manchester, Michigan, fill out a submission form.

Whitmore Lake, Michigan Martial Arts Training


When you train with JMAC, we help you build your character, improve focus, and strengthen your discipline.

Milan, Michigan Martial Arts Training


When you sign up for martial arts training in Milan, Michigan, you get 2 free classes before committing to a contract.

Plymouth, Michigan Martial Arts Training


If you’re looking for a judgment-free dojo that welcomes beginners, check out JMAC!

Dundee, Michigan Martial Arts Training


With various styles of martial arts, you won’t feel limited in your practice when you decide to train at JMAC!

Monroe, Michigan Martial Arts Training


Whether you’re striving to focus on your values or strengthen your body, we want to help you on that journey!

Styles Taught at JMAC


Not every style suits every person - learn more about what makes a certain style best for you. Stop in or call to watch a class at the Japanese Martial Arts Center.



Learn incredible focus through iaido (swordsmanship) practice, a martial art with roots dating back to the Samurai era in Japan. Our chief instructor is one of the world's most respected swordsmanship ... right in your backyard!



A great way to get fit, compete, and learn self-defense. JMAC has an incredible sprung floor and world class instruction to help you stay healthy and reach your goals effectively!



Japanese jujitsu helps you learn self-defense, get focused, and get more fit. The world's top Nihon Jujutsu instructor leads the program at JMAC!



Karate is a great way to build strength, focus, and confidence. You'll make friends and learn how to hit them in the face. Just kidding!