Looking for Kids Karate Near Saline?

JMAC is well known for outstanding kids karate in the Saline area. Karate is a fun way for kids to get physically fit at a young age. This self-development practice of kicks and punches challenges their muscles and cardiovascular system, which leads to greater physical health and well-being.


Kids Karate is the perfect opportunity for kids to have fun while exercising.

KidsHealth tell us that an active lifestyle will lead to:

  • Strong muscles and bones

  • Less body fat

  • A lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Kids Karate Near Saline - Japanese Martial Arts Center

It’s no surprise that karate offers both physical and mental benefits that will improve your child’s health. Our programs are set up to promote learning and growth, while also making the experience enjoyable and engaging. If you’ve considered enrolling your child in a karate class, or if your child has expressed an interest, come in and watch a class at our dojo!

Ages 4-6 join our Little Dragons class on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Ages 7-12 can choose either kids karate or kids judo.

Call us at (734) 720-0330 or email info@japanesemartialartscenter.com for more information!