How Martial Arts Can Increase Confidence in Kids and Teens

A child sparring | Kids martial arts Ann Arbor

Is your child stuck in their shell?

Do you want to see them grow and flourish?

Martial arts could be the answer! Martial arts can help your child grow physically and mentally, leading to increased confidence.


Martial arts is primarily an individual sport centered around self-improvement rather than winning or losing. With practice, your child may notice they can punch harder than they could last week or can move with more fluidity than before. Seeing these improvements can help them realize how much they’ve grown and feel a sense of pride. They may also see improvements in other areas, such as other sports, composure in the classroom, or discipline with homework at home.

Accepting Failure

At JMAC, we have a saying: “fall down seven times, get up eight!” No one becomes a master of martial arts at their first practice. Everyone, including senseis, have struggled and even failed. Your child will learn that it’s okay to fail and learn how to get back up. Once the fear of failure is gone, your child may be more willing to try new things and enter uncertain spaces with confidence.

Progress over Perfection

There is no perfect martial artist. There’s always room for improvement! All the people your child will train with are also trying to be better than they were yesterday, which creates a rewarding and supportive atmosphere. By focusing on progress instead of perfection, your child can appreciate how far they’ve come rather than worrying if they’re good enough. 

Working Hard to Reach Goals

Receiving a new colored belt can be a great goal to work toward and will leave your child feeling accomplished. At JMAC, we don’t just hand out belts to make people feel better. All belts must be earned through proper testing. Your child will learn that they must work hard to achieve their goals, and once they’ve earned it, their accomplishment will feel even better!

Enroll in Kids Martial Arts in Ann Arbor

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