Cool Judo Throws for Kids!

A judo instructor instructing two judo students | kids judo Ann Arbor

Do you like martial arts and want to learn some beginner moves?

Intrigued by judo?

Here are 4 simple throws that every beginner should learn:

  1. Seoi-nage – A forward throw where you throw the opponent over your arm. Put weight on one leg at the heel, spin forward, letting the other leg come back behind the pivoting leg, then with both hands, pull your opponent over you and onto the ground in front of you.
  2. Deashi-barai – A sideways throw where you sweep your opponent’s feet off the ground. Start by sweeping the opponents left leg with your right foot then twist their torso slightly. They will fall sideways on the ground in front of you.
  3. Tomoe-nage – Also called a “whirling” throw. Face your opponent with your hands on each other’s shoulders. Put your left leg in between your opponent’s left and bend your knee at level with theirs. Place right foot on their lower abdomen and pull them while rolling backwards. This will cause them to flip over you and land on their back.
  4. O-uchi-gari – Move your right leg in between your partner’s legs and come from behind their left leg at the knee. Then, sweep their leg and push them down. 

Safe Kids Judo in Ann Arbor

Visit JMAC to preview a class and see if we are a good fit for your child! We train in a safe and systematic way that is suited to your child’s skill level and experience. We are proud to say that our dojo has never had a serious injury! Our Kids (ages 8-12) program will teach your child about basic movement, stances, and falling, all while having fun!

Help your child build strength and confidence in a fun and supportive setting! Watch a class and attend two free lessons with no commitment or obligation. If your child enjoys their lessons and wants to come back for more, sign up for your two-month trial period!

Contact or call us today at 734-720-0330 to start practicing kids judo in Ann Arbor. We’re excited to meet you and your child!