Triangle Choke | Sankaku-jime

Sankaku-jime translates to "triangle choke".

This classic no-gi choke is executed with the legs. Variations can be done in the front, rear, reversed, and side. It is classified as a blood choke on the carotids.


Triangle choke.

A brief breakdown of the choke:
    ⁃    One of the opponent's arms and his/her neck is between your legs.
    ⁃    Drag the opponent's arm across your body and bite down on the neck with your leg. This gives you control over your opponent's posture!
    ⁃    Make sure that the opponent's head is down.
    ⁃    Cross your ankle under the opposite knee.
    ⁃    Your legs should create a garrote around his/her carotids.

An easy transition to this choke can happen when the opponent is trying to get out of your guard. If he/she tries to escape with one arm out of the guard, the choke is yours for the taking. Often times, your hips need to pop up in order for your leg to properly clench your opponent's neck.




Unless executed under proper instruction, please do not attempt this chokeholds on your own! For more information on Judo or Jiu Jitsu, Ann Arbor Japanese Martial Arts Center is happy to answer your questions!