Plymouth, Michigan Martial Arts Training

Are you martial arts beginner?

Are you unsure where or how to start your martial arts journey? 

Getting started in martial arts can be intimidating! 

At JMAC, you won’t be asked to do anything too challenging or dangerous unless you’re prepared! 

Find Out How We Help Beginners Get into the Martial Arts 

We help beginners get started in a safe, systematic way. You’ll watch a class with no obligation or pressure. You’ll see beginners, intermediate students, and advanced martial artists in the same class, so you can compare what the experts are doing with what you’ll be doing on your first day. When you’ve seen a class and you’re ready to “take a test drive,” you can arrange for two private lessons with one of our black-belt instructors.

An Exceptional Training Environment in Plymouth, Michigan 

If you’re looking for a judgment-free dojo that welcomes beginners, check out JMAC! With professional and experienced instructors, you’ll be learning in a safe environment. Contact or call us today at 734-720-0330 so you can start your martial arts training in Plymouth, Michigan.