Self-Improvement and Self-Defense in Ann Arbor

It’s been a long few months and we’ve all been through a lot. With all the uncertainty, it’s important to check in on the people you love – this includes checking in on yourself! 

Self-care isn’t a luxury when times are tough. One of the best ways you can improve yourself and get a sense of relief and control is through martial arts. Participating in self-defense or martial arts classes will improve your physical and mental health!

You’ll gain a sense of safety

What better way to improve yourself than growing more confident in the way that you’ll react in dangerous situations? Knowing that you have the capability to defend yourself is great for staying safe as well as for your mental health and sense of self-worth.  

You'll get stronger and more fit each and every week

While your mental health will certainly improve, your physical health will improve as well! Self-defense classes offer many benefits on the road to self-improvement including muscle toning and strengthening, improved balance, and an effective cardiovascular workout. Your overall physical condition will be improved. If you’ve been quarantined and your regular exercise routines have been put on hold, getting active again and keeping your body healthy will transform how you feel about yourself. 

Your self-confidence will increase

Self-defense classes helps you develop. You’ll be more aware of the world around you, meet new people, and engage more fully with daily life. 

As we all try to get our lives back on track, self-defense and martial arts classes can be a great way to return to feeling like your best self. Martial arts unlocks your true physical and mental potential. Things you never thought you were capable of suddenly come within reach. You learn to jump higher, run faster, and punch harder! You’ll come out feeling more fit, have a better sense of self-worth, and be more confident. 

JMAC offers martial arts training and self-defense in Ann Arbor. We’ve been providing Ann Arbor and the Southeast Michigan area with classes for all ages and sizes for 14 years! 

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