Ann Arbor Aikido Seminar with Satoh Tadayuki-Sensei

2018 Spring Aikido, Judo, & Jujutsu Seminar

March 16, 17, & 18, 2018

Are you ready to take your martial arts to the next level?

Want to learn a set of skills to safely and systematically move from basic techniques to effective, free-flowing, real time application?

Did you know there’s an approach to elevate your training that helps whether you’re involved in judo, jujutsu or aikido?

From Movement to Meaning

 “I get the basic technique, but struggle with the applications.” 

The struggle is real.  Many martial artists find it difficult to move beyond basic techniques into free form practice. They wonder how others manage to “flip the switch” to safe, effective high-level randori, or free practice.

Fortunately, there’s a common foundational skill set in Tomiki Aikido, that can help transform the way you apply your techniques.

John Gage-Sensei tells us that, “Randori no Kata was created by Tomiki Sensei to provide a framework for students to move safely from static, prearranged methods to free form, competitive practice. The core skills, postures, and movements help develop speed, fluidity, and efficiency in real time application of martial arts, especially judo, jujutsu and aikido.”

World’s Foremost Tomiki Aikido Expert in Ann Arbor

Satoh Tadayuki Sensei is one of the world’s leading experts of Tomiki-style aikido. He studied directly with Tomiki Kenji Sensei, founder of the Japan Aikido Association, in the living room of his house, and later at Waseda University. In 2007, Satoh Sensei was granted the position of Shihan of Waseda University Aikido club, a position that had been vacant since Professor Tomiki’s death in 1979. Additionally, he teaches aikido at the Japan Police University, and international seminars in the Americas, Europe and throughout Japan.

Also, as an accomplished judoka, Satoh Sensei brings a unique and inspiring perspective to the links between Kodokan judo and aikido. Just a few of his qualifications are:

  • Shihan, Kisuikan Dojo, Tokyo Japan
  • Shihan, Waseda University Aikido Club, Tokyo Japan
  • Faculty, Waseda University, Department of the Humanities
  • Founder, Renaissance Judo
  • Personal Student of Tomiki Kenji Sensei
  • Internationally Acclaimed Instructor and Scholar

Join us at JMAC in Ann Arbor on March 16, 17 & 18, 2018, to explore the integration of Aikido, Judo, & Jujutsu with Satoh Tadayuki Sensei.

  • Improve your balance, speed, and power!
  • Build more effective self-defense with aikido, jujutsu, & judo techniques

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