JMAC Adapts Training for COVID Regulations

Martial arts teaches us patience and respect, which are needed more than ever as the COVID pandemic continues. In respect for the latest COVID regulations and more importantly, the health of our members, JMAC has temporarily cancelled on-site group classes.

That doesn’t mean we’re giving up! We’re committed to giving you great martial arts practice. The physical and mental health benefits we get from training are too important to put on hold. We all need to stay as healthy as possible during this difficult time. JMAC still offers world-class training – but we’ve adapted our delivery methods!  

Training options

JMAC training will continue via Zoom, video, and with private training. Check out the links below for options:

Group Training at Home

Group classes will be held using Zoom, so you can join from the safety of your own home. The JMAC18 and other group classes can be found on the JMAC calendar.

Video Classes

Martial arts, fitness, and Permission videos are available on our Permission site.

Karate with Shimizu-Sensei

Members in karate can sign up for Zoom lessons with Shimizu-Sensei in Tokyo here.

Private lessons

Private lessons are available via Zoom or in person. In-person lessons follow social distancing guidelines and require masks at all times. Active members get one free 30-minute lesson during the lockdown. Additional private lessons can be purchased in 30-minute or 1-hour sessions. Check your email for more information about signing up.

Suino sensei's martial arts drills book cover

Other martial arts resources

Suino-Sensei's books are available on Amazon.

Check back here often for updates. We’ll get through this together.

JMAC offers martial arts training and self-defense in Ann Arbor. We’ve been providing Ann Arbor and the Southeast Michigan area with classes for all ages and sizes for 15 years! 

If you’d like to learn more, call (734) 720-0330 or email us at