The Exceptional Martial Artist

Are you driven?

Are you convinced that you could be a better striker, a better grappler, a better swordsperson?

Do you want to get on the path to greatness and stay accountable until you reach your goals?

They Walk Among Us!

For the exceptional martial artist, going the extra mile is a habit. That habit, day in, day out, week after week, year after year, is what makes the difference between ordinary, good, great, or becoming truly exceptional. It can seem out of reach, but almost everybody has the capability to be amazing!

You've probably experienced great moments, but you may have trouble using your skills in the best way so that you get better, get better faster, and unlock your potential for greatness. Imagine if you could identify your key obstacles, develop solutions, form a plan of attack, then stay accountable so you improve every single day!

"Perceive that Which Cannot Be Seen With the Eyes."

We're not just talking about physical training habits. What we're talking about are mindset habits – how the exceptional view and think about their training (and about life) and what they do as a result. To make the deep personal changes you may need to make, you need to understand their mindset habits. In other words, if we understand how the best people think about their training – their attitudes, the way they view their training, and what they think about – then we can develop our own habits based on very effective information.

You Have the Potential!

Nicklaus Suino Sensei makes the point that most of us aren't born great. He was a small, not especially talented kid, with a big mouth. He learned the hard way to defend himself, and through sheer hard work (and sometimes fear), he was able to have success in judo. Applying the principles he learned in judo, and later karate, he was able to dominate iaido competitions in Tokyo, competing against hundreds of Japanese swordspeople. He's since applied the core principles of success to writing books, excelling in law, building businesses, and training hundreds of martial artists to become stronger, calmer, more focused, more effective, and more joyful. Chances are, he has some methods that will help YOU!

What Else do You Need to Know?

Students at JMAC get a lot of close contact with Suino-Sensei and the other exceptional instructors who have devoted their lives to getting better. But for those who want to go the extra mile, there are events in which Suino-Sensei focuses deeply on the tools for becoming exceptional, like The Crucible, The Exceptional Martial Artist, The Apex Group, and private and small group lessons in which you work through high level exercises that are featured in his workshops, books, and high performance courses.

You don't have to be great to get started, but you do have to take the first step!

Take the first step ... reach out to for more information.