Milan, Michigan Martial Arts Training

Do you want to start your mission of personal improvement? 

Are you looking for a safe training environment that provides comprehensive lessons?

At JMAC we provide an atmosphere of integrity, mutual respect, and dedication.

An Exceptional Training Environment 

Our students love to practice. You will find that class is always enjoyable because you learn in an inspiring atmosphere. 


  • Your training is systematic and safe.
  • You benefit from Ann Arbor’s only fully sprung martial arts floor!
  • The techniques you learn are dynamic and based on proper physical structure.
  • You learn effective self-defense in judo and jujutsu.

Martial Arts Training in Milan, Michigan 

We’d love to have you come watch a class! When you sign up for martial arts training in Milan, Michigan, you get 2 free classes before committing to a contract. Call us at 734-720-0330 to arrange a time to visit or talk about which martial arts you want to try!