JMAC Celebrates 13 Years of Martial Arts Training in Ann Arbor!

Where were you thirteen years ago?

We opened the doors to the Japanese Martial Arts Center in early June 2006. After years of training in Japan, traveling, and operating a dojo in East Lansing for 10 years, it was exciting to come home and offer authentic Japanese martial arts training in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Just recently we celebrated our 13th anniversary with an open house event showcasing our students in action performing real-time martial arts – sparring, drilling, and showing what they’ve learned with lots of hard work and dedication. We ate a lot of great food, reconnected with old friends, and made some new ones!

JMAC – 13th Anniversary Martial Arts Ann Arbor Open House

This first series of videos features some of our Karate students sparring. It’s a terrific way to practice “real world” applications of the techniques we practice in class. You’ll notice that even some very skilled karate-ka find their precision breaking down under pressure. Everyone was wearing pads, but there are some pretty solid strikes as well as a few precision moves.

The JMAC Kids Karate in Ann Arbor Program in Action!

JMAC isn’t just an adults or advanced students only dojo. We offer an exciting Kids Karate program for ages 7-12 where they learn the core principles, lifetime fitness and discipline practices, and how to be part of a team. Our Little Dragons program lets 4-6-year olds get in on the action in a safe high-energy environment, learning things like proper stances, punches, and how to fall safely.

Traditional Japanese Nihon Jujutsu in Ann Arbor

Nihon Jujutsu is a combination of both ancient and modern Japanese combat styles. Nihon Jujutsu techniques include evasion maneuvers, strikes, throws, joint locks and submissions to overcome an opponent. It requires strength and focus with perfect balance and speed.

It Wouldn’t Be JMAC Without A Little Swordplay

As a world-class dojo, we teach honor, integrity, and wisdom through the ancient art of Japanese swordsmanship known as Iaido (pronounced ee-eye-dough). Our students spend a great deal of time learning to properly handle the katana and refining their concentration. As you’ll see in these bokken fencing videos, this is a fluid art that requires focus and skill – but can still be an incredible amount of fun!

13 Years of Martial Arts in Ann Arbor – Japanese Martial Arts Center

As we say in our mission statement, our greatest assets are our extraordinary instructors and passionate students. We focus on lifetime learning and enthusiastic teaching in an energetic, joyful dojo. Our never-ending commitment to improving and our active connection with Japan builds exceptional technique and refined character.

At JMAC we opened our doors 13 years ago and, in that time, we’ve taught countless students. Some stayed with us only a short while, others have been with us for years – but all of them have been an important part of the legacy of JMAC. As you saw in these videos, we train hard but we have fun doing it. If you’ve wanted to train in the martial arts but have been hesitant until now, come in and watch us in action! You’re free to come in and observe a class and if you’d like, you can sign up for two free lessons!

Contact Us today or give us a call at (734) 720-0330 to learn more!