Monroe, Michigan Martial Arts Training

Do you set high standards for yourself?

Do you want to increase your strength and discipline? 

You’re already close to being the ideal martial artist! 

At JMAC, we make ourselves better through consistent, long-term practice. 

Training the Whole Person 

We help train the whole person through the traditional techniques and philosophies of Japanese martial arts, with the goal of developing healthy, confident members of society. We strive to: 

  • Strengthen your body with time-tested skills
  • Train your mind through the discipline of kata 
  • Forge your spirit with forced repetition 

An Exceptional Training Environment in Monroe, Michigan 

We look forward to seeing you in our next class! Whether you’re striving to focus on your values or strengthen your body, we want to help you on that journey! Fill out a submission form to start your martial arts training in Monroe, Michigan!