Happy Children’s Day! (Reasons Why We Love Our Ann Arbor Kids Karate and Judo Students)

Did you know that May 5 is Kodomo no Hi, a Japanese national holiday that celebrates the birth and personalities of children? To celebrate the awesome kids at the Japanese Martial Arts Center, we put together a list of reasons why we love our students!


1. They’re bright! Our kickin’ kids in the karate and judo programs are great when it comes to learning new kata (forms), randori (free-style), and ippon kumite (one-step sparring).


Two boys practicing karate kata
Two students in the Ann Arbor Kids Karate program


2. They’re unique! Each kid has an awesome personality. From outgoing to reserved, they all bring their talents to the mat.

Kids Karate (Ann Arbor)
A line of students from the karate class practicing kicks


3. Smiles! Nothing can replace that smile of satisfaction our students have when they nail a move down.

Two students smiling during Ann Arbor Kids Karate class
Two students learning backfalls!


4. They learn quickly! From developing focus to executing forward rolls, we love how fast our students pick material up.

A student from the Ann Arbor Kids Karate program
A student from the Ann Arbor Kids Karate program practicing kicks!


5. They work hard! Our students aren’t afraid to work up a sweat or try scary things… like kicking a black belt.

Ann Arbor Kids Karate
Students practicing with an instructor


6. They’re nice to each other! There’s something to be said when the students cheer each other on.

Three Ann Arbor Karate kids
Three students watching a kata performance


7. They have all been leaders at some point during class! Sometimes that means an older student helps a younger student out. Or a white belt will demonstrate an especially excellent punch. Or a student will make a quality comment during mat chat.

Two Ann Arbor Kids Karate students practicing kata
Two students practicing kata


8. They go above and beyond the call of duty! You will see some students do push-ups when they could take a water break, practice kata before class, and execute break falls for fun.

Ann Arbor Kids Karate student
Karate student practicing a front kick


9. Our Ann Arbor Kids Karate and Judo students are amazing kids now… and we KNOW that they will be incredible individuals in the future. It is an honor working with this group of students!

Ann Arbor Kids Karate student
Karate student earns a new belt


For more information on our Ann Arbor Kids Karate and Judo programs, visit the “classes” page. You can also email info@japanesemartialartscenter.com. If you come to watch a class and like what you see, you get two FREE introductory lessons.