Martial Arts Classes In Self-Defense Near Howell, MI

Looking or Martial Arts Classes in Self-Defense Near Howell, MI?

Learning self-defense makes you more fit, focused, and confident. Our students from the Ann Arbor area are well trained in Nihon Jujutsu, a modern Japanese martial arts style of self-defense. This system teaches evasion, strikes, throws, joint locks, and submissions: techniques that will improve your speed, balance, and power!

Besides getting our students into shape, there are other non-physical benefits of learning self-defense with Nihon Jujutsu:

  • Discipline:
    The Nihon Jujutsu approach uses profound techniques that increase in difficulty

  • Philosophy:
    The persistent, continuous training improves balance and develops your body and mind

  • Social Responsibility:
    We teach our students to be aware of when to use their self-defense skills

"Excellent martial arts education! Very happy that our son is enjoying his training and development in Karate at JMAC. The instructors are wonderful and the environment is conducive to learning! Great job JMAC!" - Alfredo S.
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Learn Lifelong Skills in Self-Defense Near Howell – Japanese Martial Arts Center in Ann Arbor

The growth and development of self-defense can last a lifetime, empowering you to become physically and mentally stronger.

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