Why are you considering karate training? Fitness? Focus? Self-Defense?

  • Did you know that “karate” means “empty hand”?
  • That it’s a martial art formulated in Okinawa, then taken to Japan by some of the top teachers?
  • That there are many types of karate, but all of them focus primarily on punching, kicking and blocking?

Like most of the highly developed martial arts of Asia, karate also has important mental and spiritual components. Long term practice of karate helps to improve concentration and creates more orderly thinking. The philosophical foundation of “karate is only for self-defense, not for fighting” helps students develop social mindedness and a sense of community. If you're in Ann Arbor, karate training at JMAC will give you the authentic Japanese martial arts experience!

Ann Arbor Karate - Great for Self Defense!

Good karate training can definitely help you learn to defend yourself. You balance will improve, as will your strength and your “structure” – the way you align your skeleton to transmit power in the most efficient way possible. Not only that, your fear of being hit or grabbed will diminish as you practice offense and defense. Instead of being a cause for alarm, an attack will be your cue to respond with an effective, trained routine. You’ll stay calmer, react with less emotion, and do a better job of matching the attack with an appropriate level of force.

Women practicing karate in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Karate - Great for Fitness!

Karate’s also great for fitness. You’ll go through a routine to loosen up and stretch. You’ll practice basics to increase your strength and bone density. You’ll do acrobatic moves in kata (pre-arranged exercises), which will help improve your agility and dynamic movement skills. You’ll practice kumite (sparring) to toughen you up for impact and get your heart and lungs in better shape. You’ll sweat, which will help eliminate toxins and burn fat. It’s hard not to like karate practice!

Ann Arbor Karate - Great for Focus!

You will also get much better mental focus when you train for a year or more in karate. By learning complex moves, you’ll develop an ability to analyze parts of techniques, then synthesize the whole skill by organizing the parts correctly. You’ll improve your focus by sparring because the pace and intensity forces you to be “in the moment.” Your mind will be calmer after practice due to the endorphins you generate (similar to a “runner’s high”). Our long term students all say that their lives are greatly enriched by karate practice.

Do I have to get in shape before I start?

No! Our program is systematic, so you’ll build fitness as you make progress through the ranks. As you learn more and more, you’ll have the chance to come to more classes and to train harder. We also give you opportunities to train outside class. The key is to start – you’ll get in shape over time!

Will I have to fight?

No! Many of our students are grown ups who practice martial arts for health and long term self-improvement. We challenge you according to your ability and fitness level. You don’t have to spar unless: (a) you feel ready; and (b) we think you're ready.

Will I get locked into a long contract when I start?

No! After your intro lessons, we’ll ask you to sign up for a membership. The membership is for one year, but you can opt out any time within 60 days. That 60-day period gives you time to make sure training at JMAC is what you’re hoping for. It also gives us a chance to assess you and let you know whether our program will be a good fit for you.

The First Step

If you think you'd like to get started in martial arts, come watch a class! Call us at (734) 720-0330 to arrange a time to visit or get your questions answered. If you’re more comfortable with email, you can reach us at info@japanesemartialartscenter.com.

We’d be happy to help you decide whether martial arts at JMAC is right for you!