Why Attend Martial Arts Events Outside of Regular Practice?

Two people at an Ann Arbor martial arts event.

Looking to improve your martial arts skills?

Want to get more invested in the martial arts community?

Attending events outside of practice can have multiple benefits!

Training camps, challenges, competitions, and classes from visiting instructors can help you:

Meet New People and Build Relationships – Everyone can use more friends and role models! At events like The JMAC Crucible, you can meet dojomates who study different styles than you. At traveling events, you can meet members of the many dojos JMAC has relationships with throughout North America and Japan. 

See New Martial Arts – At competitions and different dojos, you may see different martial arts or styles. Learn how many types of martial arts there are and get inspired! You may even want to start practicing new arts!

Learn About Competitions – If you’ve never participated in a martial arts competition, going as a spectator can help you understand how they work and if you’d be interested in participating in the future. It also helps to support your dojomates who are competing!

Push Yourself – Get outside your comfort zone and try new things! Use outside events to push yourself, and you’ll see amazing results! Attending difficult events can also help improve your confidence and fortitude. 

Take Travel Opportunities – At JMAC, we often travel to dojos around the US, Canada, and in the Tokyo area. Take advantage of these travel opportunities to bond with others as a dojo and support each other.

Practice! – To be the best martial artist you can be, you’ll likely need to practice outside your normal practice time. Events can give you the opportunity to learn new skills and improve what you already know. 

Luckily, JMAC has many events throughout the year! The next JMAC event is The Midnight Crucible on September 16th and 17th from 6pm to 6am. 

“I got a very significant sense of accomplishment and group comradery when you go with something so torturous with 50 other people. It’s an amazing feeling.” – Amber on her experience at The Crucible.

Check our News & Events calendar often for more upcoming events!

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