Japanese Sword Fighting Arts

A man holding a bokken while practicing iaido in Ann Arbor

Are you interested in broadening your study of martial arts to include sword arts? 

Do you feel drawn to the grace and power of Japanese swordsmanship?

Would you like to learn the proper way to use a bokken?

Japanese swordsmanship is an ancient art and discipline heralding back to the samurai of feudal Japan. Over the years, the art of swordsmanship grew into many different styles and schools. The art of the sword is often referred to collectively as kenjutsu, but you’ll also see kenjutsu taught as a type of swordsmanship. You’ll find that different schools or dojos teach different types of swordsmanship. Some popular types include:

  • Iaido – a self-disciplined form with a focus on form and technique that requires controlled movements, determination, and discipline. It focuses on form and technique, not on combat.
  • Iaijutsu – similar to iaido but combative
  • Kenjutsu – a combative form taught using drills in pairs
  • Kendo – similar to kenjutsu but can be practiced alone

Those are only short descriptions of a few popular types of swordsmanship. The history and techniques of Japanese swordsmanship are more complicated and are best learned with some context. The best way to learn is to do! 

Learn Iaido in Ann Arbor

At Japanese Martial Arts Center, we practice and teach the art of iaido, led by Nicklaus Suino Sensei, four-time All-Tokyo Champion.

When you learn iaido in Ann Arbor, you’ll learn more than how to handle a katana. You’ll immerse yourself in a personal journey to hone your concentration, perception, and presence. 

Visit JMAC and experience our commitment for yourself. Contact us here on the website or call 734-720-0330 to arrange a free introductory lesson or just to arrange to watch a class first. Then, if you’d like to join us in focused, supportive training, we’ll start you down a path of positive change that will impact your life and mindset in ways you never expected.

We hope you’ll join us and thrive!