What is Nihon Jujutsu?

Would you like to be more fit, more focused, and more confident?

Many of our students develop these traits by training in jujutsu (also spelled "jujitsu" or "jiu-jitsu"). 

Nihon Jujutsu is a modern Japanese system of self-defense, fitness, and personal development. It's based on techniques found in both ancient and modern Japanese styles of combat.

A woman flipping someone in jujutsu in Ann Arbor

Jujitsu Ann Arbor - Self-Defense, Fitness & Focus

The techniques of jiu-jitsu include evasion, strikes, throws, joint locks and submissions. We help you learn self-defense while you get in shape and become more focused and disciplined. Our approach helps you develop speed, balance and power by gradually teaching you more and more challenging and profound techniques.

Jujitsu Ann Arbor - Peaceful Philosophy, Effective Use of Force

The philosophy of Nihon Jujutsu is to help you develop your mind and body with daily practice. Your balance is improved through consistent, continual training. Our philosophy requires that you use your self-defense skills in socially responsible ways. You'll learn to apply power to specific weak points so the response is appropriate to the attack. You'll study how to control an attacker with a minimum of injury.

Jujitsu Ann Arbor - A Lifetime of Personal Development

All traditional Japanese martial arts are lifelong pursuits. You can begin to improve your self-defense skills right away, and continue to learn for many years. By committing yourself to personal development, you'll find that many aspects of your life improve. Nihon Jujutsu is much more than a method of combat - it's a means of developing discipline, knowledge, and a healthy mind and body.

Don’t wait to embark on your path to mastery in jujitsu. Come see the extraordinary training that can get you on the path to success! Intro lessons are free. You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.

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