Transformation, Concentration, Strength: The Advantages of Martial Arts Training for Women

From Jackie Chan to Steven Seagal, American pop culture is packed with masculine representations of martial arts. Western movies portray martial arts primarily as one-on-one combat, usually between two men. In truth, martial arts are practiced around the world by people of virtually every age and gender. 

You know and we know that it’s about more than combat: it’s about focus, discipline, fitness, balance, courage, and a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement. JMAC offers classes in self-defense for women in the Ann Arbor area. Keep reading for more!

If you’re thinking of starting or resuming martial arts practice, you may be wondering whether it’s a good fit.

We’ve heard questions like these:

·       Will I enjoy martial arts even if I’m not a fighter? 

·       What are the benefits of martial arts versus other types of exercise? 

·       Are martial arts a good fit for me as a woman?

It can be intimidating to try a new fitness technique, especially something as intense as martial arts. Most of us are hesitant to step out of our comfort zone, but we also recognize that the rewards may be worth the initial discomfort. Everyone, whether six or sixty, is a beginner when they start. Beginning a martial arts class can lead to a lifetime of self-improvement.

Many women who take on the challenges of martial arts get started to add variety to their exercise routine. Another common reason is to build self-defense skills. Martial arts practice is sure to aid both those goals. But it’s also much more. Martial arts instills discipline, confidence, and control. Women who practice martial arts report increased mindfulness, focus, and emotional mastery.

Practicing martial arts shapes, strengthens and tones more than just the body: it transforms the mind and spirit as well. So Many who attend our self-defense classes for women begin a quest for physical strength and stamina but evolve into a dramatic reshaping of the self from inside out. Imagine being in the best physical shape of your life while feeling peaceful, determined, and centered. Imagine watching your body transform into a balanced, toned machine while knowing you’ve embarked on a lifetime journey of self-improvement. These are the joys of practicing martial arts.

Critical Self-Defense Class Ann Arbor | JMAC


At JMAC’s self-defense classes for women in Ann Arbor (karate, jujutsu or judo), we train the whole person through traditional techniques and philosophies of the Japanese martial arts. Our goal is to develop healthy, confident community members. We provide a welcoming environment for all learners, and our instructors are committed to a lifetime of learning as well. Our training is systematic and safe. We cultivate an atmosphere of integrity, mutual respect, and dedication. You will learn dynamic techniques based on proper posture and stance, and you’ll have the benefit of training on Ann Arbor’s only fully sprung martial arts floor. 

Our students are our tribe. In addition to helping them achieve their fitness goals, we pride ourselves on strengthening their minds and spirits. The men, women, and children who train at JMAC agree: their martial arts training has improved their quality of life.

Thinking about starting your own martial arts training? You can’t go wrong with one of our self-defense classes for women. At JMAC, you pick a style of martial arts and try two free intro lessons. Our memberships are annual, but you can opt out during the first sixty days for any reason. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!


I’m not a traditional martial arts student – will I fit in at JMAC?

We pride ourselves on our welcoming, communal atmosphere. Whether you’re a fifteen-year-old girl, a thirty-five-year-old dad, or a grandmother of eight, as long as you’re committed to your practice, you will fit in at JMAC. Our students consistently rank the friendships and communal atmosphere as one of the biggest benefits of training at JMAC.

Are women welcome in all of JMAC’s classes?

Of course! We teach all folks who are willing to learn, and our female students thrive and excel in all of our practices.


If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us or check us out on Facebook!