Martial Arts Diet Tips for Active Men and Women Fitness

Martial Arts Diet Tips for Active Men and Women Fitness Ann Arbor

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The holidays are over. You’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get active and stay healthy. The jujutsu in Ann Arbor, karate, and judo classes at JMAC are a great way to get active. Exercise is important – you’ve got to move your body to take care of it - but physical activity isn’t the only factor, you’ve got to eat well too!

At Japanese Martial Arts Center, we help men and women with their fitness goals. Nihon Jujutsu (also spelled “Jujitsu”) classes, judo, and karate will help you learn effective martial arts and self-defense techniques stay active and healthy. Here are some good foods to eat to aid your training and help meet your fitness goals:

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Jujutsu + Balanced Diet = Improved Men and Women Fitness Ann Arbor!

There’s always a lot of talk about eating a balanced diet or what a new fad suggests you should eat – but the truth is there isn’t a magic bullet diet that works for everyone. You’re going to have to try different things, and we’ve got some suggestions:

Lean Protein for Strong Muscles

Fish, grilled chicken, and low-calorie protein shakes are all great ways to increase your protein intake and promote lean muscle development while burning excess body fat. Jujutsu, karate, and judo all promote strong balance muscle development, and so a lean protein diet will help.

Smart Carbs not always Low Carbs

Carbohydrates are tricky, you need them for energy but you don’t want too much of the wrong kind of carbs. Vegetables, oatmeal, fruit and brown rice are perfect. Avoid refined sources and simple sugars and you’ll fuel your body for healthy karate and self-defense focused activities!

Scheduling Your Meals

We know martial artists who eat several small meals a day. Some eat bigger meals, but they typically stop eating a couple hours before going to bed to help maintain their metabolism. This can be a bit tricky so take your time, explore a little, and try things out until you find a routine that works for you.

Rest is a part of your martial arts diet

Obviously, you’re not eating while you’re asleep – but getting enough rest is essential for maintaining your mental health and improving your physical fitness. If you’re not sleeping enough, it’s difficult to manage stress. If you’re stressed, your body holds onto calories and fat. So be sure to get plenty of sleep and take your martial arts training and physical fitness to the next level!

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Ready to take your Martial Arts Training and Fitness to the next level?

Come in and watch a class and sign up for your two free introductory lessons. If you’re interested in Nihon Jujutsu, judo or another martial-arts focused self-defense class, you can choose the one that is most interesting for you and helps you reach your 2019 fitness goals! Contact Us to schedule your lessons or give us a call at 734-720-0330.