Training that Transforms - An Introduction to Japanese Martial Arts!

Would you like to get a quick taste of Japanese martial arts for free? 

Already a martial artist but just want to see what else is out there?

Ready for an hour of fun with a little self-defense thrown in? 

Join us at JMAC from 12-1pm on Saturday, September 22nd for a quick exploration of three martial arts - karate, Japanese jujutsu, and judo. You'll learn simple strikes from karate, basic self defense moves from jujutsu, and a judo throw or two, all put together so you can envision how to use your moves for self-defense. And you'll do it all at one of the most beautiful dojos in North America.

Ages 16 and up only for this event. Under 18 needs parental signature. 

Space is limited ... sign up today!