How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Focus and Learn

How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child Focus and Learn

Does your child struggle with focus at home and at school?

Looking for a fun way to help improve your kid's attention?

Wondering how kids martial arts in Ann Arbor can help with focus?

Every kid has a hard time focusing now and then. But when focus is a regular issue, it can affect a child's ability to learn and leave you struggling to find a way to help. What if there was a fun, engaging activity that could help your child work on their focus without them even knowing they were learning? That's exactly what you can get out of kids martial arts in Ann Arbor with the right dojo and some dedication. We think every kid should experience martial arts.

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6 Ways Kids Martial Arts in Ann Arbor Encourages Focus

  1. Goals: Whether it's a skill, routine, move, or advancing to the next level, kids focus on meeting concrete goals. When achieving the goal is rewarded, their focus is also rewarded.
  2. Routines: this element is great for kids who need extra help to focus. Techniques in kids karate can be long and complicated, but kids learn in manageable chunks and gradually improve. Instructors help kids concentrate by calling them into ready stance to reset when minds wander.
  3. Structure: with clear expectations and consistently reinforced rules, the structure of martial arts doesn't afford kids much opportunity to lose focus. This means you child is constantly practicing this skill.
  4. Safe Outlet: the martial arts — especially kids judo — gives kids a safe and positive outlet for energy that can otherwise come out in a much less productive way. Releasing energy in practice can translate to more focus in school and at home.
  5. Growth vs. Competition: when the main objective of an activity is competition, kids who don't achieve at a high level can lose focus. With attention on personal growth instead of competition, more kids will maintain focus and stick with the activity.
  6. Accepting: all the rules of martial arts make it sound rigid, but it's very accepting of different people, abilities, and backgrounds. Acceptance and support are encouraged and demonstrated which is great for kids who might feel less welcomed in other spaces.

Help Your Child Focus with Martial Arts in Ann Arbor at JMAC

Whether your child needs a little push in the focus department or major improvement, enrollment in martial arts can be a huge help. Kids will enjoy the physical and mental challenges, and parents will be thrilled with the lessons and skills their kids learn.

If you're ready to get your kid involved in martial arts, contact a member of the Japanese Martial Arts Center today. Start by observing a class, scheduling private introductory lessons, or just asking our experienced staff a few questions. Give us a call today!