Becoming A Full Member

Transcript - Becoming a Full Member

So by now, you've been with us about two months, you've watched a number of these videos, hopefully we've given you some background, and by coming to class and participating, you've learned the value of long term training in martial arts.

So what does it mean to become a full member, to go from your two-month trial period to committing to pay dues on the first of each month and continuing to train and come to class? There's not a big difference externally, you'll still come to class, you'll still have to do your push-ups, you'll still sweat, right? You still have to work hard to become better at the skills involved in your martial art, but hopefully what this means is that you understand the value of commitment, that you're willing to commit another ten months to really find out what it means to give yourself over to the learning process. The world looks a lot different from that perspective than it does from the perspective of somebody who's never done martial arts at all, or somebody who just dabbles.

I think after another ten months at JMAC you're going to look back and realize how much you've actually learned in each and every class, along with the cumulative effects of all that training, and you're going to find that the world may looks completely different.

I'm so excited at the idea of having you continue with us. I can't wait for you to become a full member, and I look forward seeing you on the dojo floor.