Rear Naked Choke | Hadaka-jime

Hadaka-jime, or Rear Naked Choke, is a killer submission. In the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu repertoire, it is called "Mata Leão".

This technique is executed without the use of the opponent's clothing. This categorizes it as a "no gi" choke. The submission can be done when the opponent is standing, sitting, or lying down.

Hadaka-jime is a blood choke. In Version 1, the forearm presses against the carotid artery, cutting off blood to the head. In Version 2, the inside of the forearm and bicep push against the carotid.


Two versions of the rear naked choke.
The choke is set up in the traditional way (top left). The choke is applied, creating a garrote around the neck at the carotids (top right). In the second version, the fingers of the free hand more towards the bicep (bottom left). The hand tucks behind the neck, completing the choke (bottom right).

In these examples, the person executes the choke when the opponent is sitting. Notice that one of his legs is projected near the side of the body to provide support. The opponent's balance is broken, causing him to incline backwards.


Hand position variances.
The top picture shows the hand position for the first variation. The bottom shows the hand and arm position for the second variation.


Unless executed under proper instruction, please do not attempt this chokeholds on your own! For more information on Judo or Jiu Jitsu, Ann Arbor Japanese Martial Arts Center is happy to answer your questions!