Self-defense for Eastern Michigan University Students

Are you looking for a safe and productive activity away from campus that allows you to work your body while bringing balance to your sense of self?

Martial arts and self-defense training may be exactly what you’re looking for. At Japanese Martial Arts Center we offer a full range of martial arts and self-defense courses to Eastern Michigan students and area residents. Located a short fifteen-minute drive from EMU campus, our classes will help you balance your busy school schedule, bring focus to your health and well-being, and help keep you physically fit.

College can be a difficult time. It’s the first time in your life you’re out on your own making your own adult decisions. With a full class load and a busy social life, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. At JMAC we offer a positive and inclusive atmosphere where you can train but also take the time necessary to unplug and refresh yourself.

We teach the following martial art styles at JMAC:

  • Karate
  • Judo
  • Nihon Jujutsu
  • Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship)
  • Kids Karate
  • Kids Judo
  • Little Dragons (4-6 year olds)

Full Body & Mind Martial Arts Training for EMU Students

Whether you’ve trained for years or are a new student, we encourage you to come to JMAC and observe a class, then take your two free intro lessons to decide what martial art you’re most interested in. Take a look at our Schedule and give us a call at (734) 720-0330 to speak with one of our instructors.